Year of great challenges and opportunities

A new year has begun and with it a list of the great challenges and opportunities that we have as a country. The first thing that is important to mention is that in the field of health, regarding the impact of covid-19, Guatemala has been emerging from one of the global crises that have most impacted humanity, and seeing the balance in Latin America and the world, related to infections per million inhabitants and even deaths, as well as the impact on the economy, our country has done relatively well, and that gives hope for this year, which should surely focus on legal certainty and maintaining a sustained economic growth.

In the field of legal certainty, the greatest challenge will be to strengthen institutional capacity, especially in transparency and compliance with the law in the election processes of the highest authorities of the Public Ministry, National Institute of Forensic Sciences, Human Rights Ombudsman. and towards the end of the year that of the Comptroller General of Accounts. Likewise, there are two other important elections that will be held during 2022, which are the rapporteurs of the mechanism against torture and cruel and inhuman treatment and that of the rectory of the University of San Carlos.

The second degree election processes for the MP, Inacif, PDH and CGC authorities will be critical for justice in Guatemala. It should be ensured that the population understands the different phases of the process and how different organizations have a critical responsibility throughout different stages, so that people with the best profiles and who meet the legal requirements, can get to occupy these positions, to through spaces for discussion and dialogue that transmit to society in general the confidence that the process has been carried out in accordance with the law.

If we can make second-degree elections transparent, that encourage the best people who meet the legal requirements to participate, surely the candidates in each process will be in a better position to reason their decisions and show the population that they have made their decision. decision based on what the law establishes.

In the economic sphere, undoubtedly the greatest challenge is to maintain the country’s capacity to grow above 5.5% and to maintain a clear agenda that fosters competition, competitiveness and the attraction of investment in the country, guaranteeing clear processes and transparent that help increase public investment, especially in infrastructure and human capital.

These challenges are an opportunity for the Government from the first months of the year to prioritize infrastructure projects that are transformative, for the benefit of the population and that the impact of these investments help more Guatemalans to connect to more markets, reduce time and mobilization costs within the country and to generate a climate of opportunities that promotes more and better jobs. And in terms of human capital, the return to school of children and young people, as well as the technological transformation focused on supporting the learning of better life skills and the strengthening of the first level of health to reduce chronic malnutrition are also relevant.

I am grateful that you accompany me one more year in this process of reflection and that through this space it is possible to build greater advocacy for the benefit of our country that helps to generate greater development for all. Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family!

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