Videos: Riders lose control of their horses in equestrian parades and end up on the pavement

Equestrian parades were held in some places in Guatemala as part of the end of the year celebrations and to mark the New Year.

Although in some of these activities not everything went as expected, as some incidents were recorded.

In videos shared on social networks, it is observed when two riders fell during an equestrian parade in Barberena, Santa Rosa, on Sunday, January 2.

Barberena Noticias GT reported that the video was recorded by people watching the show and it is observed when the riders lose control of the horse and fall.

Another similar incident occurred at the equestrian parade in Gualán, Zacapa, reported the page La Doña News.

In the images it is observed when the horse stands on two legs and the rider is expelled, then the animal also falls to the ground.

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People who witnessed what happened helped the affected person, since the horse was about to fall on him.

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