Videos: fish rain in a Texas city and this is the explanation for that strange meteorological event

A rain of fish has amazed Texas, a phenomenon that has caused great confusion among the world population and that, for the residents of the city of Texarkana, was frightening at first; However, the fall of these animals from the sky has an explanation.

What seemed like a strange meteorological event is due to something much simpler, but how does the shower of fish happen?

It is not that the small fish originate in the sky, but that, due to the climatic conditions, they are picked up from the water by powerful waterspouts, which begin in the air and descend to the surface, dragging the small fish in their wake.

Then, when the waterspout loses energy, it begins to slowly release everything it picked up from the water and in this case, the small fish that do not exceed the size of the palm of a hand are thrown onto dry land.

Although at first the residents of Texarkana were puzzled by the rain of fish, the rational explanation of the phenomenon seemed to reassure them, so some began to say that it was nice to see these animals fall from the sky, and there were even those who collected them in buckets. to be used as fishing baits.

On the other hand, the phenomenon of “Rain of fish” has already occurred on several occasions. The last one was around 2017 in California, where about 100 fish fell from the sky at the Oroville elementary school, also generating panic at the time.

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