Video: the tender reason why a father took his daughter to the altar by bicycle

A video of a father taking his daughter on a bicycle to the altar goes viral on social media.

“In a viral video of TikTok you can see the incredible proof of a father’s love on one of the most important days for her daughter ”, says the newspaper’s website Trade, from Peru.

Internet users commented that a limousine was not necessary, a luxury car or a carriage for the happy bride to be transported.

And it is that the story behind this video cannot be overlooked, since the young woman Since she was a child, she accompanied her father on a bicycle to all places.

In this way, and in complicity with the bride, This humble gesture turned the world upside down.

“My friend’s father took her everywhere by bicycle, He couldn’t miss taking her to church on her wedding day. Congratulations friend, the most beautiful! ”, Wrote the netizen who posted the video.

The unique video, which does not show the location where it was recorded, It has already been reproduced millions of times.


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