The crucial year for the 2023 election has begun

This 2022 is the true pre-electoral year, because in these 365 days there is enough time to carry out legal actions in fundamental institutions, some already co-opted and others about to fall into the wrong hands, and thus ensure the urgent and necessary impunity for public officials of the current government. The necessary umbrella is the right to a preliminary ruling, and by taking this into account the decisions made by legal-political entities already placed at the service of the ruling party begin to make sense, which at this time means obeying the orders issued by Alejandro Giammattei. There will be elections or nominations in the Judicial Branch, the Public Ministry, the Human Rights Ombudsman and the National Institute of Forensic Sciences.

The MP did not surprise anyone with its decision to remove legal responsibility from Sandra Torres for the illicit financing received in the 2015 election, and now her party, UNE, is about to be erased from the political map of the country. The other “parties” see this cancellation as a hope to stay with the hard uniista vote, and by pure bloody irony of fate, it suits the deputies loyal to the party because in this way they will not be affected by the law against transfuguismo for which they fought. If they do not close it, they will not be able to pass or found another party. Giammattei is in the best interest of the UNE’s survival, because then he will be able to press for the necessary votes in Congress to ensure his indispensable four years of impunity.

The TSE reported a few days ago that it had started the cancellation procedures, but I have not found out when it decided, according to the electoral law, the temporary cancellation to allow it to fix its serious problems. The same happened with the Prosperidad Ciudadana party. The electoral governing body must explain it and this has nothing to do with acceptance or rejection of party figures, but with their legal rights. If the cancellation of the UNE is declared illegal, the idea of ​​having Sandra Torres and Zury Ríos as electoral contenders will be tested again, with the desire to make her the recipient of the vote against the persistent and abrasive absolute monarch of that party. The plan is being carried out at a slow pace and in front of an increasingly disgusted citizenry.

Congress strengthens its fundamental role. These appointments and elections pass through the plenary session and this explains the arrival to preside over it of Shirley Rivera, an unconditional giammatheist and of very relative professional capacity. In the MP it is essential to appoint an emulate of Consuelo Porras, who could be reelected, even if he has no legal basis. In the PDH you need to have someone with a black mask over the eyes to avoid seeing any violation of the eyes. The CC and the CSJ have already been taken and the inclination towards giammatheism is evident in the Judicial Organism. It remains to seize the Inacif, whose importance lies in certifying all kinds of deaths and also investigating the possible entry of drug-related substances, a task little known to citizens.

According to Giammattei’s logic, in my opinion, his very close friend Miguel should be protected at all costs. His sudden economic capacity allows him to buy a “party”, chair its executive committee, head the list of deputies and reach Congress, in order to have the right to a preliminary hearing, which could be possible with some kind of maneuver. These lines only wish to present how the political panorama is, taking into account that the day of the beginning of the electoral campaign will actually be the last of the nothing conspicuous —illustrious, outstanding— Executive. His main concern is to negotiate before becoming the “lame duck” —in Spanish, incapacitated—: a civil servant without influence, as his replacement is close.

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