Presidential Competitiveness Commissioner Rolando Paiz Resigns; the rest of the Cabinet waits if the President decides changes

The position that Paiz held is recognized as Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness.

Asked about it, he informed Free Press that he was already notified of the acceptance of his resignation, so it became effective on the first day of the year 2022.

According to the letter where he presents his irrevocable resignation from the position, and which the former official disclosed on social networks, he served in that position of an adhonorem nature since January 16, 2020.

This letter was addressed to the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giammattei, issued on December 1, 2021, and delivered to the authorities on December 6.

In the document he states that his retirement is due to reasons of a personal nature that no longer allow him to continue exercising that appointment. Meanwhile in statements he adds that his companies need him to dedicate more time to them.

In another message on his social networks, he commented: “It was an unforgettable experience where I met officials 100% committed to the country and who focused on making a country with more opportunities for everyone where they have sought to generate formal work and better living conditions for Guatemalans ”.

“The challenges and adversities are impressive. The bureaucracy, the paperwork, the classic “can’t” still hangs around in many places. However, I believe that the results achieved in Pronacom clearly reflect that with vision, clarity, capacity for execution and a team of extraordinary young people, the Institutions of the Government of Guatemala can be different, ”he said.

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He explained that he can now say “mission accomplished”, after having achieved high growth in foreign direct investment (FDI), by tripling the amount compared to the previous year. According to data as of November, Pronacom and Mineco reported that it reached US $ 3 thousand 433.9 million. This figure includes the Millicom operation, which represents an investment of US $ 2.2 billion.

Paiz recently said that 2021 would close at more than $ 3.5 billion, and by 2022 he was forecasting $ 2 billion.

In addition, he referred to the support and promotion of actions for Guatemala to become a regional logistics center, to simplify and automate the procedures to make the institutions more agile, which is part of the vision of the current administration. “What we did at Pronacom was to translate that vision into concrete actions with the support of many good ministers, superintendents, vice ministers, mayors, mayors and all the people who always supported us to solve the problems of companies within a legal framework and return our most competitive country ”, he added.

Paiz held various management positions in the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport), which he chaired in the period 2015-2016.

He also participated as a candidate for deputy for the Creo Party in box three of the National List in the 2019 general elections, for the 2020-2024 period.

Ministers made their positions available to define their confirmation or withdrawal

As in other years, all the ministers placed their positions at the disposal of the presidency of the Republic and are awaiting what the chief executive decides if they continue in office or retire, indicated several officials consulted.

Rubén Téllez, spokesperson for the Defense ministry (Mindef), reported that after making the position available, Division General Juan Carlos Alemán was replaced as Minister and General Henry Yovani Reyes Chiguá assumed his place on December 21, 2021, “who remains firm in The charge”.

The finance Minister, Álvaro González Ricci, reported that until this January 2, 2022, he had not been notified of any decision, but the first meeting with the president will be held next Tuesday

Regarding what decisions the president can make, he mentioned that he will surely make an evaluation now that the final execution of the budget of the ministries and some other type of evaluation has been closed since there are different tools that the president can count on. It should be remembered that the execution percentage should not only be seen on the current Q107 billion, an amount that has been dragging from the previous budget, but on the limit of Q94 thousand that the government established for 2021.

On the part of the Communication Secretariat of the Presidency, it was indicated that there was no information regarding changes of ministers, secretaries and commissioners, but a cabinet meeting and a press conference are scheduled for Wednesday, January 5.

Raúl Romero, Minister of Social DevelopmentHe said that they are waiting for what the Chief Executive Officer decides. “All the ministers made our positions available, I did it from December 1 and it is up to the president to decide the changes that he considers pertinent,” he added.

An attempt was made to consult the Minister of the Interior, Gendry Reyes on whether he would continue in office, but there was no response as of press time. Neither was there a pronouncement from the Minister of Agriculture when consulted.

Both Claudia Ruiz, Minister of education, and apart the Ministry of Economy Referring to Minister Antonio Malouf, they confirmed that they also made their position available, but did not indicate if they had already been confirmed in their positions or if they had been notified of any changes.

The Minister of Public Health, Francisco Coma, reported that both he and the vice ministers of the branch presented their resignation to the president as is customary every year, but they are still waiting for the decision he makes. Similarly, the Minister of Labor, Rafael Rodríguez, said that both he and the vice ministers made the position available, but that to date they continue.

With information from José Pablo del Águila, Natiana Gándara and Sergio Morales

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