Malacateco is champion of the Apertura 2021! Communications does not get the comeback against the bulls

The first title in history for the Malacatán institution was forged last year with the annotations of Eduardo Matías Rotondi and Wilson Godoy. Both scored on December 30 on their own court to lead their team to their second final.

This Sunday, with this china on their back, Willy Olivera’s men tried from the first minute to reverse this situation.

At minute 17 ‘of the first half the white gale began, after a corner Rafael Morales finished off from the right but the shot was stopped by goalkeeper Darío Silva.

Moments later, at 20 ‘Stheven Robles took a shoe from afar but his bomb also remained between Silva’s gloves.

A minute later, Anangonó headed in, but he couldn’t break Silva’s goal either.

At the end of the first half, again Robles had the opportunity and although he left goalkeeper Silva without reaction, his shot was lost in the post.

Already in the complement, Comunicaciones claimed a penalty at 59 ‘, after Junior Lacayo combined magnificently with Juan Anangonó.

Lacayo was left alone facing Silva’s goal but a sweep from behind took the ball out of him by bouncing it inside the area, unleashing the allegations of the cream bias.

However, despite the protests, the central did not concede.

Twenty minutes from the end, Malacateco saw her close again up to three times.

The first came at 66 ‘when his defenses took the sweet off the line and then Marco Bueno smashed it on the crossbar.

With this result, Roberto Hernández’s men added their first national title and prevented Comunicaciones from adding their second championship of the season after winning the Concacaf League title against Honduran Motagua.

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