Luis Miguel: the mysterious video that could reveal a possible new album by “El Sol”

Luis Miguel surprised his followers on the first day of the year after posting a mysterious video on Instagram, which according to his followers could give indications of a possible new musical production.

The 51-year-old singer caused a stir on social networks due to a short video, which gave his fans hope for a possible new musical production of “El Sol” in 2022.

Said video, lasting eight seconds, shows a text with the year 2022 followed by three ellipsis in gold and was published on the artist’s official Instagram account without prior notice, a situation that surprised his more than 2 million users. followers in this social network.

The publication of this enigmatic clip left the door open for several theories, since its fans have begun to speculate that it is not only a mention of the year that has just begun, but that it is a possible preview of Luis Miguel’s next album.

Added to the text of the video, you can listen to a musical track that has also encouraged the theory that the Mexican singer could launch a new record production or return to the stage with a world tour.

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“If the series is over, I want to dream that the Sun is preparing us for its next big project, I can’t wait any longer”, “Surprise us this year Micky,” Happy New Year Luismi, let’s pray for a new album, mirrrey “,” He already publishes the album, Miki, we miss you all ”, were some of the most popular comments in Luis Miguel’s publication, which has almost 700 thousand reproductions.

The renowned Mexican singer has not released an album since 2017, when he released his album “México por siempre”, a production that won three Grammys.

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It should be noted that this is Luis Miguel’s first publication on Instagram since last December 24, when “El Sol” shared with his followers a promotional video for his album “Christmas”, a thematic album released in 2006.

Despite his little activity on social networks, Luis Miguel has been talking about in recent days due to a video published by his ex-partner and mother of two of his children, Aracely Arámbula.

The images shared by the Mexican actress show Daniel, one of Luis Miguel’s sons, singing the theme near a pool Can’t Stop the Feeling of the American interpreter Justin Timberlake.

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The relationship between “El Sol” and his children is an issue that has caused controversy over the years. However, this situation was not addressed in the Mexican singer’s Netflix series, since Aracely Arámbula did not want her privacy or that of her two children to be invaded.

“I made that decision because for a long time I had been asking his people (Luis Miguel), his lawyer, to please not take our story because I knew they were going to take his life. Our story is an incredibly wonderful story, but they weren’t going to tell it the way it was because they didn’t live it, “the actress recounted in an interview for the morning show Hoy día.

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