“I would have given my life to avoid this pain”: The strong message that Octavio Ocaña’s sister shared on Instagram

On October 29, 2021, the entertainment world shook with the news of the death of Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, who lost his life after being shot in the head after a chase with police in the State of Mexico.

Ocaña is remembered for his portrayal of the heartwarming Benito Rivers on the Mexican series Neighbors.

On December 31, 2021, two months after his death, Octavio’s sister, Bertha Ocaña, shared a series of images on her Instagram account to talk again about the departure of whoever Benito Rivers was and the impact this had at the end of the year.

The young woman assured that something “good” of 2021 had been the fact of sharing the last months of the actor’s life and everything that that time had implied.

In the publication that reached more than 30 thousand “likes”, Bertha shared: “(…) nI’m never going to forget the last weekends together, the last times you went to my house and I to yours, the last talks we had, the last hugs so strong that we gave each other, your last I love you and here I am waiting for you ”.

The actor’s sister was grateful for the advice and also for the scolding. He assured that he always did what he wanted because he “knew perfectly” that Octavio was close and supported him.

“I would have given my life to avoid this pain,” said the young woman after mentioning the trauma that death has left her, even after having recognized the actor’s body in October 2021.

“I am so heartbroken I do not know if life will reach me to overcome it but I do know that I am going to give my all to achieve your justice,” he said.

The young woman accompanied her publication with a series of 10 black and white images in which she appears with her brother during everyday moments full of complicity.

The message that Bertha sent during the end of the year 2021 concludes with a text that is as sad as it is heartbreaking: “(…) without your love, without your presence, without your calls 💔💔💔💔 I have nothing good to say about this year, only that it was the worst year of my life and that I lost the one I loved the most in my life.”


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