Coronavirus in the world: Airlines cancel flights in the US in the first weekend of the year for fear of the spread of the omicron variant

The omicron variant of the coronavirus has caused a staff shortage, combined with a snowstorm in the United States.

At 4:30 p.m. Eastern time (9:30 p.m. GMT) on Sunday, January 2, 2,465 cancellations had been registered throughout the country on that day, to which are added 2,750 on Saturday, January 1, which represents more than half of the global cancellations from around the world over the weekend (8,888).

This Sunday, January 2, the city of Chicago, in the northwestern United States, has once again been the most affected in the world by a snow storm, which has led to the O’Hare airport having canceled 280 flights at origin and 262 in destination, followed by Denver (Colorado), Atlanta (Georgia) and Newark (New Jersey).

Lack of staff by the covid-19 infections that have been affecting flights It has also become clear with the news that has become known regarding United Airlines, which has offered its pilots to triple their salary for much of the month of January to try to minimize cancellations.

By airlines, the most affected in the world by the cancellations this Sunday was SkyWest (US regional airline) with 521 canceled flights, followed by China Eastern (468 canceled flights) and Southwest (421 canceled flights).

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