Year 2022

The rhythm of life that begins with the year is a process of tiny constant ups and downs. It depends on the role that each Guatemalan performs and an attitude towards challenges with a mentality necessarily superior to the things that happen around us.

Behind every Guatemalan who makes an effort, there are countless people who try to follow in the footsteps of those who triumph in the face of the manifestations of everything that surrounds us, be they people, things or, in simple terms, circumstances.

What in 2022 will place each person in a part of social activity has to do with their aspirations, their challenges and their capacities to get ahead. Those who stay generally give free rein to their basic instincts and affections. Generally confused by fear of misery and hunger, physical pain or violence.

Giving up the challenges and complications that life in society implies always implies stagnation. The code of conduct that stands out, although it is questioned, generally has to do with life in Western society.

Always with each year that begins, throughout decades, centuries, the contrasts of the different social groups are always seen. Generally, those who self-forget themselves tend to see the future as a suffering rather than a providential action of time on life.

I want to express my total attachment that in 2022 each Guatemalan faces those fears that characterize those who only look back at the things in which they did not have the desired success and do not see the qualities that allow them a quality of life.

Those who achieve emotional containment and the courage to face life place their aspirations in a continuous act in the midst of risks without wavering in the vicissitudes resulting from emotional behavior that slows down any process of change.

Welcome 2022. We are part of a civilized world that went through difficult circumstances until it found the perfect balance of risk without falling into recklessness and the opportunity for human life to continue that rhythm towards its future.

Each of the sequences lived month after month, day after day and year after year will provide what is necessary to spread in daily activities the obvious transformations of civilized life and the positive actions that will be found in those who do not succumb to their emotions a true sense of well-being. It is not as Nietzsche would say and his pessimism about hope, but it is always how Guatemalans express it that despite many limitations, their lives, their family and their people are the breath that allows them to achieve continuous happiness.

A happy year to all those that life allows me to read these lines.

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