Videos: two motorcycles collide and catch fire in Patzicía; there is one dead and two injured

Two motorcyclists collided this Sunday, January 2, at kilometer 75.5 of the Inter-American route, in Patzicía, Chimaltenango, where due to the force of the impact the vehicles caught fire. There is one dead and two injured, reported the Departmental Municipal Firefighters.

According to local residents, a neighbor was trying to cross the road on his motorcycle when suddenly motorists appeared at high speed and one of them could not avoid him and they collided.

From the strong impact, the motorcycles caught fire and one motorist was seriously injured and the other died; in addition, first responders report one injured.

The deceased person was identified as Lucio Yos Choc, a resident of La Canoa village, Patzicía, while the injured were not identified, but were transferred to the National Hospital of Chimaltenango and one to a care center in Tecpán Guatemala.

At the scene of the accident, other motorists were helping the injured and trying to put out the fire with water and earth, but the flames had already consumed a large part of the vehicles.

The traffic through the place is complicated, since the body of the deceased person and the burning vehicles were left on the route, so the rescuers make a call to drive with caution and avoid further mishaps.

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