Videos: Nahualá residents confront the Police and the Army with bombs, firearms and machetes

Inhabitants of Nahualá, Sololá, attacked fairground bombs, machetes, firearms and stones by various units of the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Army that were complying with the state of siege that was decreed by the Government after the massacre of 14 people December 20 just last.

Local media have published videos in which it is seen how villagers attack the security forces and how soldiers and police leave the place where they were attacked. Other pages report that several PNC agents are wounded and detained.

PNC spokesman Jorge Aguilar said that residents threw stones at the agents, who used deterrent methods such as tear gas to get to safety.

He added that the residents dispersed and that an agent was wounded in the mouth by a stone that was thrown at him.

He added that, by protocols, the agents do not use firearms; In addition, he said that there are at least two blockades by the inhabitants, with whom he will try to establish a dialogue.

He added that the situation will be contained with the agents that are in the area that add up to 600, although they also have support from Army elements.

He reiterated that the situation will not be resolved with violence and mediates to restore order. The PNC rejects violent actions and the population is asked not to get involved in violent situations.

President Alejandro Giammattei reported on Monday, December 20, that at a meeting of the Council of Ministers which he urgently convened, he requested the approval of a state of siege to impose it in Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán and Nahualá, Sololá, in order to establish order and prevent new incidents of violence.

Both municipalities maintain a border conflict that has left people dead and injured in various armed clashes.

The last incident was days before the state of siege was decreed, when 14 people lost their lives in Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán.

The Army spokesman, Rubén Téllez, was consulted about the situation in the place, but said that at the moment they had not confirmed anything.

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