Video: with everything and chairs, ice cream shop employees prevent assault and subdue thief

Through social networks, a video of an attempted assault on an ice cream parlor in Brazil was disseminated and the images went viral due to the rapid reaction of one of the employees as he hit the alleged thief with a chair to later subdue him and avoid the assault .

The exact place where the events occurred is unknown, however, it was mentioned that the robbery took place in a city in Brazil and in the images it can be seen that the assailant entered the premises around 8:45 p.m. last Sunday. December 26 taking advantage of the fact that the business was half empty to try to deprive the cashier of the money from the day’s earnings.

The thief entered the premises using a motorcycle helmet and went straight to the box where an employee was, whom he threatens with an object, which cannot be clearly seen, however, another employee who was sitting near the The entrance noticed the whole situation and took advantage of the fact that the thief had poor visibility through the helmet and stealthily took a wooden chair and hit the thief from the back.

After the blow, the thief tries to turn around to respond to the aggression, but that moment is taken advantage of by the cashier, who holds his hand tightly to avoid any kind of reaction while his partner continues to hit the thief with the chair, moments later one One of the men manages to send the thief to the ground and a third employee joins them to subdue him.

In the recording, it is observed that two children witnessed the violent scene, so when the beatings begin they try to take refuge until a woman comes to their aid and takes them away from the place so that they do not continue witnessing the beating.

At the end of the video, a fourth man joins the fight, however, this subject is not an employee of the place, but also collaborates to subdue the criminal who at all times put up resistance.

So far, it is unknown what was the outcome of this attempted assault that ended badly for the thief, however, the images have had a great impact on social networks, where in addition to going viral, they have recognized the courage of the employees.

* With information from 24 Hours México, La Razón and El Heraldo de México.

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