VIDEO | The disturbing video of the Mexican basketball player kidnapped by the “El Chapo Isidro” cartel

The audiovisual went viral on networks with the image of the boxer admitting that his plagiarism from December 21 to 29 had been made fun of this type of people who live in Michoacán, Sinaloa.

“I am Alexis Francisco Cervantes Guerrero from Guasave, Sinaloa, the reason why I am here is because some people stopped me, they found on my cell phone things that are photos, videos with weapons, photos with the Sinaloa mafia,” he said. visibly shocked.

Cervantes also commented that when they checked his phone, his captors found images with his cousin. Relevant because it supposedly works with a rival group.

“Photos, videos, for comments in which I make fun of the cartels here in Michoacán as if they were someone heavy,” he declared.

“I like the riot, I love cocaine. I am a simple stupid basketball player, boastful, bluff, who wanted to demonstrate something that he is not. I accept the punishment, the lesson I take ”, he continues saying in the two-minute recording.

Cervantes was kidnapped when he was traveling to Guadalajara to spend the end of the year festivities with his family.

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