They requisition a module of Pavón and the Santa Teresa prison and this was located by the security forces

Agents of the Penitentiary System (SP) and the National Civil Police (PNC) carried out this Sunday, January 2, a search in a module of the Pavón Model Rehabilitation Farm and in the Santa Teresa Preventive Detention Center for Women where they located several illicit crimes, reported official sources.

SP agents and agents from various specialized units of the PNC participated in the operation, supported by trained dogs to locate drugs and money.

At the Pavón Model Rehabilitation Farm, 82 bags with marijuana and several notebooks with phone numbers were seized, which are presumed to belong to victims of extortion, so the investigation continues.

Hours before the authorities requisitioned other sectors of the same prison, where the canine agent “Rexis” found a cove with cell phones.

Three internet devices, seven cell phones, five liquor bottles and 20 marijuana wrappers were seized.

In addition, the authorities reported that during a search in sector 6 of the Santa Teresa Preventive Detention Center for Women, 16 cell phones, beers and several bags of marijuana were seized.

“We continue with strategic actions for the order and control of the prisons,” said the SP on its social networks.

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