Politics don’t look good in the new year

Good wishes for the new year should leave the political sphere. Such an area will offer neither hope nor projects for social growth nor alleviation of deficiencies, much less an efficient overcoming of the negative effects of the pandemic. The incorporation into national political participation of citizens whose scope of action was established at the municipal level is novel. Some years ago, wealthy businessmen, began their partisan participation with waste of resources, they were disqualified accusing them of ties with the drug traffickers. Now, the participants will not have great fortunes but will be expressions of the middle class from different regions. It will be more difficult to control them, since they participate in the different spheres of state action: government, legislation and justice.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal recognizes 23 committees for the formation of political parties, with a probable decrease. In general, these are groups with personalistic leadership, without a trace of knowledge in philosophical thought or political doctrines. Some are reiterations of matches canceled in the past; but in general, these are people eager for personal gain. It seems to be a stirred soup, waiting for the decantation in more serious political ideological formations, in the future. Meanwhile, they will vote for parties with names such as: multiply, the lion, the rhinoceros community, the neighborhood or the like.

The so-called financiers, or characters who invest in political processes while waiting to place officials who are debtors of favors, to later claim works contracts, do not appear clearly at the moment. It will be in the elections, when they will be observed. Meanwhile, inexperienced representatives and spokespersons have the floor. Recognized leaders will continue to express their mediocrity, the reason for the existence of space for new social actors.

The lack of the political expressions of the last century is evident. The old and recently recruited adherents to the old factions, have taken refuge in oenegés, as well as centers of opinion, whose job is to speak attending the calls of high local officials or international organizations. Such conduct expresses the abandonment of moral responsibility by the country’s intelligentsia.

Another matter will be the appointment of various state authorities: the attorney general, the attorney for human rights, the probable renewal of the Supreme Court, the solution to the lack of full renewal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Court, as well as others. junior officials. There, vociferous pickets paid by foreign interests will act, eager to twist the wills of the elected, criminally indict officials without partisan support or directly invent crimes to subject to preventive detention sine die, who dares to challenge their candidates.

Therefore, the good wishes for 2022 will operate in personal, family and professional life. Not a minor thing, since it constitutes the largest activity for the inhabitants of the country. A suitable place for rejoicing with relatives and close ones, or a space for honest activity. Earning a living and living with our acquaintances in constructive activities will always be a source of satisfaction. The same is the intellectual growth, where it can be considered philanthropic or religious aspects. Life always supposes a commitment to seek fulfillment, subject to spaces for action where it is better to distance ourselves, as in this case, national politics.


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