Municipal fans falsify an arrest warrant for Kevin Moscoso before playing the final return between Comunicaciones and Malacateco

Moscoso was the target of this group of fans after he found himself back in a fight with one of the ball collectors in the first leg, a fact that earned him a file opened by the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman and the Coordination of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

The account of the national journalist Javier del Cid Meyer shared a tweet with the information about what happened.

“REDS PLAY THEIR FINAL! Municipal fans forged an arrest warrant. They used Thelma Aldana’s and named it Kevín Moscoso. These fans could be sentenced to two to six years’ imprisonment for falsifying a public document, ”wrote the also producer in a well-known international network.

According to article 321 of the Guatemalan Penal Code, “Material falsehood. Whoever makes, in whole or in part, a false public document, or alters a true one, so that it may be detrimental, will be punished with imprisonment for two to six years ”, thus confirming del Cid’s initial tweet.

Tonight at 8:00 p.m., Comunicaciones will try to overcome the 2-0 that Malacateco prescribed in the first leg final last year. Gesta that he will try to fulfill at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium, thus achieving his second title of the season after winning the Concacaf League by eliminating Honduran Motagua.

William Olivera’s team will seek to be the ninth box to turn it around after falling in the first round. According to Antorcha Deportiva, the creams will follow the trail of: Suchitepéquez (Closing 2016) Antigua (Opening 2015) Communications (Opening 2013) Xelajú (Closing 2012) Xelajú (Closing 2007) Municipal (Closing 2002) Municipal (Opening 2001) Municipal (Closing2000).

For this purpose, the albos will have the cannons of; Lynner García (7 goals) Juan Anangonó (6) Oscar Santis (5) Andrés Lezcano (4) José Contreras, José Corena (3) Junior Lacayo, Nelso García, Marco Bueno (2) Karel Espino (1).

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