Militao condemns Real Madrid in Getafe, the La Liga leader’s first defeat in months

Immaculate throughout the course, it seemed impossible to see a decisive failure by Militao. With David Alaba, nobody missed the couple formed by Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos. His hierarchy was untouchable this course. However, in just a couple of seconds, Militao became human and, for once, caused his team to lose points.

His failure, in the first minutes of the duel, was not wasted by Enes Ünal, who with his goal propelled Getafe to unsuspected heights not long ago. Suddenly, the southern Madrid team is three points above relegation, something unimaginable when Míchel left.

And it is that, in the end, without the prominence of the positives for coronavirus, football made its way into the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, where Getafe wanted to extend the “Quique Sánchez Flores effect”, the great architect of the resurgence of an evicted team ago not much time. Resurrected in the fight for permanence, the azulón team appeared at the meeting ready to fight with little to lose and much to gain against the almighty leader.

Carlo Ancelotti, by surprise, seated Eden Hazard. Everyone expected the Belgian in the eleven, but he started the game on the bench after showing green shoots in previous appointments. It is not yet Chelsea, far from it, but it did point out promising details. However, Ancelotti opted for Marco Asensio, who was missing in action during the entire first half, and for Rodrygo Goes, more refined in the place of Vinícius, a victim of COVID-19.

Real Madrid, as expected, ran into a concrete wall. Quique is clear about it. Since he arrived at Getafe, he has managed to squeeze his squad to perfection. He has chosen his gladiators (he almost always repeats the lineup), whom he picks up behind with a practically impenetrable defensive line of five. With that premise, and with stinging on the backlash, he has assembled a very safe group with what he does and capable of generating problems for anyone.

Real Madrid did not escape from them, which also committed the worst possible sin that can be committed against Getafe: to get behind on the scoreboard. Militao’s childish error at ten minutes condemned the Madrid squad to jump an even more resistant wall.

The Brazilian central’s lights went out in a couple of seconds of doubt. Enes Ünal, very clever, stole his wallet when Militao was the last man and was lost in making an absurd break to the Turkish striker, who did not fail against Thibaut Courtois.

The 1-0 forced Real Madrid to try to put an extra speed gear in handling the ball to try to break Getafe’s lines. At that moment, Luka Modric appeared, who left 25 excellent minutes in which he showed, once again, and they are infinite, his immense category.

But before the carousel of white occasions began, another mistake, this time by Alaba, was about to cost Real Madrid the second goal. However, he was lucky, because the gift went to Nemanja Maksimovic and not a player with a nose like Enes Ünal. The Serbian half, with all the goal for him, fired a ridiculous shot that came to nothing and gave his rival a break.

So, Modric took the controls and started with his display of passing, stealing and shooting. In two, he was about to balance the score, but David Soria and the crossbar avoided the Croatian’s goal. There was no award, perhaps deserved, for Real Madrid, which was only capable of overcoming Getafe’s defensive line with above-average talent plays.

Precisely, one of the less tuned, Asensio, left the game at halftime. Hazard appeared in the second half alongside Marcelo, who also sat down Ferland Mendy, and Real Madrid expected a total reset to turn around a dangerous result after the first act.

Ancelotti’s changes did not have the desired effect. Hazard, like Asensio, was another too static figure and Real Madrid needed electricity. Just the one he lost without Vinícius. Neither Asensio, first, nor Hazard, later, were able to make us forget the figure of the Brazilian. And, in the end, Real Madrid paid dearly for it.

Without Modric at the same level as the first part, it only remained to appeal to some individual saving action. Benzema had it in the equator of the second part, but he found the body of Jorge Cuenca; also Casemiro, who was able to score with a shot from outside the area. But it was not the day of Real Madrid.

It was Getafe, who ten years later won again a team that will now look askance at Sevilla. If Julen Lopetegui’s team wins the two fewer games it has than Ancelotti’s men, they will be only two points behind the lead. Suddenly, the League could have a hook. Militao, with his failure, was able to generate that sudden interest in knowing the future name of the champion.

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