Massive return of travelers for New Year 2022 causes an influx of 61 thousand vehicles at the Palín-Escuintla toll

The beaches of the Pacific were one of the main destinations that Guatemalan families selected to receive the new year and a mobility of 30 thousand motorists was reported on average during December 31 and January 1, 2022.

The report from the Siva company, which manages the highway section, confirms that a good percentage of Guatemalans decided to take advantage of the long break to go to different beaches and other tourist centers on the South Coast.

Celeste Rosales, spokesperson for Siva, reported that expect an average of approximately 30 thousand vehicles for this Sunday; Only during Saturday, January 1, they registered a capacity of 31 thousand.

The massive return of travelers started this January 2 from early in the morning, but, the most loaded capacity is estimated between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., the communicator said.

Rosales recalled that the Q10 rate for the light vehicle is maintained and it will be valid until January 15 of this year.

Pre-pandemic levels return

The influx of vehicles passing through this toll at the end of the year returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Rosales, indicated that during 2019 30 thousand vehicles traveled, in 2020 during the first year of the pandemic 28 thousand traveled and for this year 30 thousand are expected again.

In addition to the beaches of the Pacific, families tend to visit rivers, lakes and other places of family recreation to spend the end of the year parties.

The National Civil Police (PNC) reported on Saturday, January 1, a high influx of visitors on the beaches of the port of San José in Escuintla, who came to say goodbye and welcome the New Year.

Therefore, the Siva company predicts a massive return for this Sunday, January 2.

Tourists crowd Champerico and Tulate beaches amid a spike in coronavirus cases. (Free Press Photo: Victoria Ruíz)

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