Man is captured with a gun in his hand when he ran desperate after shooting his partner on New Year’s Eve

PNC agents captured Esvin Eduardo García Guarán, 51, of age in a sector of Villa Canales, after he tried to flee.

However, they managed to neutralize him and seized a Smith Wesson brand firearm, 9 mm with various ammunition, with which he wounded his partner of Salvadoran origin, 24-year-old Yeimi Tatiana Ayala Cortez, who was transferred to a health center.

Police station 15 agents carried out the capture of García on 4th avenue and 5th street, zone 1 of Villa Canales, when he was running desperately with the firearm still in hand.

Meters behind where his capture took place, the agents located the woman with gunshot wounds, who said she was the detainee’s partner and explained to the agents that after an argument, he shot her with the weapon.

Captured from the last week

The PNC reported that in the last week 373 people have been captured for different crimes, 57 weapons, 26 motorcycles and 13 recovered vehicles.

Of those captured, at least 171 are from the capital and 202 from the departments. In addition, they complied with 116 arrest warrants issued by different courts.

57 firearms of different calibers were seized, 26 motorcycles and 13 vehicles were also recovered.

Only in the last 24 hours there were 58 detainees, 42 were in the capital and 16 in the departments, in addition 12 arrest warrants were carried out, 16 firearms were seized, 3 motorcycles and 2 vehicles were recovered.

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