Immaculate Conception procession makes an intramural tour due to the rise in covid-19 infections

On the recommendation of the Central Guatemala Health Area, the procession of the Immaculate Conception, Holy Mother of God, took place this January 1, 2022 in intramural mode in order to prevent more infections by coronavirus.

On December 30, 2021, the director of the health area, Dr. Augusto Contreras, had asked the Don Bosco Parish not to carry out the procession outside the church, since in recent days there has been an increase in cases of covid-19.

On December 29, the Minister of Health, Francisco Coma, said that it was feared that the variant of the omicron coronavirus was already in Guatemala, due to the considerable increase in positivity.

The parish heeded the recommendation and only celebrated a mass that was held at 11 am.

Later, the procession of the Immaculate Conception went through the courtyards of the church.

“Dear congregation, we inform that due to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the new variant of omicron contagion, the route on public roads is canceled and will take place in intramural courtship,” the parish reported on its social networks.

On this occasion, the Immaculate Conception commemorated 100 processional years, which is why a decoration was awarded to the priest Óscar Rodríguez.

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