Images: this was the sequence of the strong accident in which a car and a motorcycle were involved

Road monitoring cameras showed the sequence of how a strong accident occurred in which a car and a food delivery motorcycle were involved.

According to the Municipal Fire Department, the confusing accident it happened in the 9th. avenue and 10a. street of the capital zone 1.

The lifeguards detailed that the drivers of the vehicles suffered a nervous breakdown and were treated on the spot, because they refused to be transferred to a care center.

Amílcar Montejo, spokesman for the Capital Municipal Transit Police, told Free Press Y Guatevisión Newscast that both drivers they were reported if they had crossed the red traffic light, so the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

He added that, since both parties did not reach an agreement through their insurers, the two vehicles were consigned by the authorities.

In the sequence of images you can see how the car it also destroys a school zone sign.

It is also observed how another motorcycle and its occupants are miraculously saved being hit by the vehicle.

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