Five babies born in the early hours of 2022 receive gifts from the Free Press Stork Marathon

The mothers of five minors who were born at the San Juan de Dios General Hospital, in the early hours of January 1, received a series of gifts and supplies as part of Prensa Libre’s Marathon of the Stork, which has been running for 65 years. be done.

The prizes were numbered from 1 to 5, and a lottery was carried out among the same number of mothers to determine the gift for each one.

A series of products were delivered such as diapers, cribs, water filters, microwaves, pure water, among others, which are part of the donations of various companies and individuals.

The first baby was born at 4 a.m. on January 1, weighing 5.9 pounds. His mother is María del Carmen Chay Ajataz, 19, who pointed out that she has not yet decided the name to give her son, because with her husband they did not know the sex of the baby, and until yesterday she knew that it was a male.

María del Carmen Chay with her baby. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

The rest of the winners are:

Ingrid Marisol Calderón Ramírez, is 24 years old and lives in zone 6. Her daughter was born at 5.28 am, weighing 6.6 pounds. He decided that the youngest be named Diara Dayeli.

Ingrid Calderón also received gifts for having given birth in the early hours of January 1, 2022. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

Another of the lucky ones was Iris Alejandra Hernández García, 24 years old. Their daughter was born at 6.57 hours with a weight of 7.1 pounds. He assured that the gifts were not expected. Mia Natasha are the names you have considered for the youngest.

Iris Hernández with her baby also received several gifts. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

Nancy Marilú García Hernández, 24, from zone 7 of the capital also received gifts. Their daughter was born at 8:43 a.m., weighing 5.8 pounds. Alexandra is the only one they have considered, according to the interviewee, who said she was “very happy” with what she received.

Nancy García shows the gifts received by the Stork Marathon. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

Maylin Elizabeth Teletor Mayén, 26, is from Palencia. Her son was born at 11:09 a.m. with a weight of 2.14 pounds. “I am very grateful, it is a blessing that I did not expect, thanks to all who collaborated to give us these donations,” she said. She has considered calling her son Jacob Noah.

Mayllin Teletor was another of the lucky mothers in the Stork Marathon. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

Kevin Alvarado, from Prensa Libre’s Marketing area, pointed out that this project has been developed since 1956. “This year we have been doing this activity for 65 years, bringing this grain of sand to mothers who have children at the beginning of the year. It is a help that we are bringing them and we are grateful to the companies that identified themselves as they have been doing each year ”, he stated.

Berania López, director of Social Communication of the San Juan de Dios General Hospital, thanked Prensa Libre on behalf of the Executive Board for organizing and carrying out the sixtieth edition of the Stork Marathon. It is of great benefit to mothers.

These are parts of the gifts that were collected through the Stork Marathon. (Free Press Photo: María Reneé Gaytán)

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