El Chapo Guzmán: the day that Lucero Sánchez, the “Chapodiputada”, fled with the capo through a tunnel and later testified against him

Lucero Sánchez, the call Chapodiputada, He surely has the date February 17, 2014 engraved in his mind.

According to a note from BBC News World, that was the date he fled with Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, who she was a lover of, through a tunnel that was connected to the bathtub drain.

“They escaped from an operation by the Mexican military and the US anti-drug agency DEA. The conduit was barely five feet high, walls of concrete. The water was running up her legs, running after her lover ”.

That’s what Sánchez said during the US trial against the once powerful Sinaloa cartel boss, who is now serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in the US.

When asked how long they were fleeing down the underground corridor, the answer is blunt.

“‘Ah, enough to trauma me,’ said Sánchez as a cooperating witness for the prosecution in the trial of ‘El Chapo’ in New York, where the Mexican drug trafficker was found guilty of all charges,” says the BBC.

The Chapodiputada, that for those statements in 2019 she was also imprisoned and was 29 years old, she declared quite sad and without enthusiasm against Guzmán, and on one occasion she even burst into tears.

In Brooklyn court, another woman was listening carefully to her story: Emma Coronel, the “legitimate” wife of the Chapo.

The former deputy told that day how “she herself entered the drug trade, buying tons of marijuana for him, her passage through politics, as a Sinaloa state deputy, and her relationship with Guzmán and how she discovered a dark side of the drug trade.”

“The witness said that she began her romantic bond with Guzmán in February 2011, at the age of 21. He was 53 years old and already a drug on the run, with a growing fame after his first prison escape,” says the BBC.

During the trial, he told how the boss taught him about the drug business. In fact, several messages were presented that were exchanged on a modified cell phone.

“The packages did not fit on the plane, they were 50 (kilos) behind,” she tells him. “Did they pack them well? How much was in each package?” Asks Chapo. “10 kilos, love,” she replies.

Sánchez reported that due to disagreements and her conviction, the relationship ended in 2012. A year later, she was elected (as the youngest deputy in Mexico) by the National Action Party (PAN).

How was the escape

Sánchez said that in February 2014 his escape occurred with Guzmán, a secretary of the capo and another “employee”.

Guzmán and Sánchez were in bed. He jumped naked, activated a secret hydraulic mechanism to lift the bathtub, and the four fled down the tunnel for more than an hour, she said. “El Chapo” ran ahead. They ended up in a sort of river ”, slogan BBC.

Despite your escape, El Chapo He was captured a few days later when he was in a hotel in the city of Mazatlán with his wife Coronel and their young twin daughters.

But in July 2015, Guzmán again escaped through another tunnel, and in 2016 he was recaptured and extradited to the United States.

According to the BBC publication, Sánchez was dismissed as a deputy also in 2016, after the Attorney General of the Mexican Republic accused her of visiting “Chapo” in the El Altiplano prison with a false identity.

The Chapodiputada She was arrested in 2017 when she wanted to enter the United States through San Diego, California, along with her children.

“To this day I am confused … I thought it was a couple relationship,” Sánchez said wistfully on the day of his statement before the jury.


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