Alejandra Guzmán: what happened to the gift that journalist Adela Micha sent as an apology

The renowned journalist Adela Micha had been friends with Alejandra Guzmán and her family. Recently, Silvia Pinal, Alejandra’s mother, was diagnosed with covid-19 and the journalist made a controversial comment by assuring that the renowned actress “soon dies”, she did not realize that the transmission was open.

The journalist was criticized because she did not realize that her production had not finished live, so she continued speaking as she commonly does and among the comments she made was that Silvia Pinal “It doesn’t take long to die.”

“Do we have something prepared for Silvia Pinal? She dies soon, eh, because they better not write me something and I record it for her”, “One, Two, I have many interviews with her so that they can put something together, I think I already know He is going to die ”, the driver is heard saying in the video.

Adela Micha on Silvia Pinal: “It doesn’t take long to die from covid-19”

The journalist immediately apologized and assured that her words were taken out of context. He mentioned that he was organizing an interview with Alejandra Guzmán and that he had commented “don’t go to die because she’s older, she gets Covid, she’s 91 years old, she had heart failure six months ago and I said ‘I’m going to call Alejandra, prepare the interview ‘to illustrate’.

A note from Infobae published that the journalist, Ana María Alvarado, revealed that the singer Alejandra Guzmán rejected Adela Micha’s apology, after Adela sent a present to Silvia Pinal’s family to make amends, but it was not received.

According to Ana María during her YouTube program, The price of the fame, the journalist and Alejandra had a good relationship … ”Adela Micha sent Alejandra Guzmán to buy a gift because they are supposed to know each other, she sent her messages on WhatsApp and Alejandra did not answer her. Then he sent the gift to Guzmán’s house ”, it is described. He himself was sent back.


“It doesn’t take long for Silvia Pinal to die” -Adela Micha. #AdelaMicha #SilviaPinal

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