Why did Chavo del 8 decide to celebrate New Years with Don Ramón and not with his mother?

Roberto Gómez Bolaños not only had the task of giving life to the beloved Chavo del 8 in the neighborhood, but he was also in charge of releasing ideas for the creation of new episodes.

Among the most remembered are the vacations to Acapulco, Christmas without gifts and the New Year that they had to celebrate at Don Ramón’s house.

Compared to the other specials, New Year’s Eve marked an important moment in the history of the series and its characters, since it touches on one of the most sensitive issues in the life of Chilindrina’s father.

What could be one more night of festivities, ended up being a night of reflection while they waited for the sound of the clock to greet each other at midnight.

New year in the neighborhood

This episode has as its main setting the house of Don Ramón. In it, Professor Jirafales, Mrs. Clotilde, Mrs. Florinda, Quico and Chavo del 8. They met to decide where they were going to welcome the new year.

The mother of the “Cachetes de marrana flaca” insisted the biggest debtor in the neighborhood to come to her house as he did at Christmas.

Over and over again Don Ramón refused to accept the invitation, but did not explain his reasons. It is precisely at that moment when the “longaniza teacher” intervenes and exposes what would be going through the neighbor’s mind.

In his version, he was “ashamed of being poor” so he would feel bad about not doing more at the celebrations because he has no money.

“I know what he has, ashamed, ashamed of being poor. Last week, the Christmas Eve dinner was organized at Dona Florinda’s house and you would like to reciprocate, but you know you have no money and that makes you ashamed. This time, you would like to be the one organizing the New Year’s dinner because you would foolishly think that if you went to Dona Florinda’s house, you would play the role of huddle. In other words, you are ashamed to be poor, ”said the teacher.

Save the new year

In the midst of the chaos that existed in that room, because Chavo tried to beat Quico for shutting up Chilindrina’s father while he was speaking, the “71 Witch” comes up with an idea that would save the neighborhood’s New Year.

Since Don Ramón did not have the resources to organize the entire evening, she proposes that her neighbor be in charge of offering his house for the celebrations, while Dona Florinda helped with dinner and the others with necessary items.

This is how they solved the problem of the organization, but what they did not calculate is that they had to control Chavo and Quico so that they do not go fighting. While these two mischievous children ran through Don Ramón’s house, the boy from department 8 is heard saying the following: “… you always take everything from me, you’ll see, I’m going to accuse you with my mother.” Then he leaves the house.

This message does not suggest that the mother was in the neighborhood at that time, but why didn’t Chavito decide to spend New Years with her? In the episode the reason is never explained or one of the characters is never heard handing him the invitation for dinner.

What is seen on the screen is the boy in the barrel receiving midnight with his neighbors, staying the evening and giving the hug for the start of the new period. And of course, as a tradition of these specials, the chapter concludes with a musical performed by the cast.

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