What is known about “flurone”, the simultaneous infection between covid-19 and the flu, the first case of which was detected in Israel

Amid the global havoc caused by the omicron variant of the coronavirus Another concern arises: “flurone.”

This is a stranger type of simultaneous infection between influenza and covid-19, That could double the chance of getting serious illnesses.

The condition could represent one more burden to those already saturated and fatigued health systems on a global scale and another mortal risk to humanity.

According to international media, Israel has already registered the first case of “flurone”. It was detected in a woman who gave birth last week at a Tikva hospital.

As reported by the news network Infobae, the woman she was not vaccinated against either condition, but his state of health evolves in a positive way.

The article clarifies that the Israeli Ministry of Health is still evaluating the case and that it is possible that This is not the first patient to have the infection.

“The concurrent peaks of influenza and Covid-19 could mean the collapse of Israel’s hospitals ”, Erez Barenboim, director of the Samson Assuta Ashdod hospital, was quoted as saying.

But experts point out that the real challenge for the medical community is dealing with a patient with the infection, mainly in women in labor, since it is difficult to detect if it is coronavirus or flu.

The case of the woman has worried the scientific community, since she did not present until the moment of delivery no severe symptoms; However, when performing the respective tests, he tested positive for coronavirus and influenza, simultaneously.

The troubling results caused the tests to have to be repeated, giving the same results.

And it is that the diseases represent a certain similarity, both are viral and lodge in the upper respiratory tract cause shortness of breath.

Reduce risks

To reduce the risk of contracting “flurone”, one of the recommendations issued by the Israeli medical community is to get vaccinated against the flu from six months of age.

They clarify that receiving simultaneously both vaccines (flu and covid-19) do not have any negative consequences or risks.

Like covid-19, flu can lead to serious complications, such as pneumonia and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), as highlighted by Infobae. In fact the flu results in thousands of deaths in the world.

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Faced with this worrying challenge, pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna and Novavax are studying the possibility of a booster vaccine unique against covid-19 and flu.

In recent weeks, Israel and the United States, as well as other countries, are experiencing an increase in flu cases, what has concerned the scientific community.


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