“We want to start the year well,” say Guatemalans who took advantage of the last hours of 2021 to get vaccinated

Dozens of Guatemalans took advantage of their free time on December 31 to apply the covid-19 vaccine in the few care centers that were open.

At the post located in the Honor Guard, zone 10, the presence of people was scarce. In that place the vaccines Sputnik V, Moderna, Aztra Zeneca and Pzifer were applied.

Those who arrived expressed their intention to protect themselves from the disease, which so far has caused more than 628 thousand infections and about 16 thousand deaths.

One of the reasons why many decided to get vaccinated on the last day of the year is because they expected that there would be less influx in the vaccination centers, as indeed it happened.

“It didn’t cost us anything to move around the city and here there were no people at all,” said Luis Fernando Castañeda, who came to that vaccination center and applied the third dose of Pzifer. He indicated that in case he had any reaction, he will still have two days to rest.

Josué Álvarez came for his second dose of Aztra Zeneca and was satisfied because he did not wait long to be treated. Coincidentally, the appointment had been made for this December 31.

“We hope to start the new year well and not get this disease,” he said.

With five months pregnant, Pamela Hurtado was another person who made it to the Honor Guard. His appointment was scheduled for last week, but because of work he had not been able to get the second dose of Pzifer.

The vaccination center installed in the Honor Guard, zone 10, registered little influx. (Free Press Photo: Esbin García)

I consider The vaccine as a “gift” that you give to your baby, who is expected to be born in early April.

“I hope that God protects us all and that we are all aware that the vaccine is necessary and that we continue to take care of ourselves,” said Rosario Luna, who arrived for her booster doses, after she had completed her vaccination schedule in the middle of the year. USA

The interviewees agreed that the intention to get vaccinated is because they have good expectations for next year, and that to work without problems and expect an improvement in the economy it is necessary to be protected against the disease.

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With only 27% of its population with a complete vaccination scheme, Guatemala is one of the worst countries to handle the pandemic in Latin America. Critics point out that the Government was unable to buy vaccines on time and that the situation would have been worse if millions of donated vaccines had not been received.

It is also pointed out not to promote vaccination in rural areas where many people have chosen not to go to the centers for fear of the vaccine.


Many parents brought their children between the ages of 12 and 17.

A girl receives her first dose of Pzifer. Vaccination of minors is essential since they are expected to return to the classroom next year. (Free Press Photo: Esbin García)

Irma Poroj was with her daughter and stated that she did it because “there was no queue.” He said that he chose to vaccinate her because of the possibility that she will return to the classroom next year, so “she will already be protected.”

“Right now we are making tamales at home, but we took advantage of coming because we had a way to come,” he said.

Monica Ochoa took her two children, also of school age, to apply the first dose. He said that “for some time” he had intended to take them, but had not had time.

“It is necessary to take care of the health of our children because of everything that is happening and we as parents have to teach them to follow the rules,” said Ochoa.

Monica Ochoa arrived with her two children to be vaccinated. (Free Press Photo: Esbin García)


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