The violent case of a man who was murdered for trying to recover a stolen cell phone five years ago (and the other events that marked the beginning of 2022)

A 22-year-old man, identified as Félix Alexánder Aldana Vásquez, was murdered in the Tasharte village, La Unión, Zacapa.

According to the police report, the crime stems from a cell phone that was stolen from the victim five years ago and that he tried to recover on December 31, 2021, around midnight.

Aldana Vásquez, originally from Barrio El Campo, Tasharte village, was killed with a corvo-type machete. He had injuries to the left cheek, according to the inspection carried out by police agents when locating the body.

Aldana Vásquez’s mother informed authorities that five years ago her son’s cell phone was stolen. Since then, he had problems with a person who resides in the same neighborhood.

According to the police thesis, the victim drank alcoholic beverages and then went to claim the phone with those who had allegedly stolen it. While trying to retrieve it, he was assassinated.

Prosecutors appeared at the crime scene and after conducting the investigation, they left at 1:10 a.m. on January 1, 2022.

Other facts

The beginning of 2022 was marked by several acts of violence and attacks, as reported by the fire department and the National Civil Police (PNC).

A person with a plastic bag over his head was found dead at kilometer 46, on the road from Palín to Escuintla, according to Volunteer Firefighters. The Public Ministry processed the scene and the reasons for the crime are unknown.

In El Progreso, Jutiapa, PNC agents captured Carlos Enrique Carias, 19, for assaulting his partner while intoxicated with a machete. The 38-year-old woman had serious injuries and was transferred to a health center.

Another man died at kilometer 137, on the route to Mataquescuintla, at the entrance to the El Divisadero village. The father reported that his son went out in the afternoon to drink alcoholic beverages in a store 50 meters from where he died. Possibly drunk, he fell down a slope and sustained a stab wound when he hit the asphalt.

Also, in the 7th. avenue and 9a. On the street in Zone 1 of Mixco, the body of a man was found on the public highway, although the causes of death are unknown, according to the Volunteer Fire Department.

Finally, in Baja Verapaz the capture of 19-year-old Beyker Contreras de la Cruz was reported when he attacked a 21-year-old man with a machete, who was transferred to an assistance center for his injuries. In that same department, they captured Sebastián Calo García, 55, when he tried to strangle a woman.

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