The Dakar reinforces its safety after the explosion of a vehicle

Nor does it rule out “no possibility” of what happened while giving the medical report of those involved in the incident. There were six passengers in the vehicle, five of them were unharmed, but the driver of the car, whose identity is not given, suffered “serious injuries” in the leg and underwent surgery.

The Dakar caravan is in Ha’il, more than 800 kilometers from Jeddah, after the contest for the prologue that started the 44th edition of the race.

The full statement of the organization:

“Following last Thursday’s press release about an event involving a service car on December 29 in Jeda, we added information. The car was carrying six passengers. Five of them got out of the vehicle unharmed and only the driver of the car suffered serious leg injuries and had to undergo surgery. His condition is improving and his repatriation to France is being prepared.

His vehicle was abruptly stopped by a sudden explosion, the origin of which is still unknown at this time. The Saudi police immediately went to the scene and began their investigation, without ruling out any possibility, including that of a malicious act. Given this uncertainty and as a precautionary measure, we have decided with the Saudi authorities to reinforce all the security measures that were already in force in previous years and that have been renewed for this third edition of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the entire field, hotels and bivouacs will benefit from significantly improved security. In this context, we ask you to be vigilant ”.

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