Rhythm and biases of “Bye bye 2021”

The services of Guylaine Tremblay and a consistency at the best level of the sketches of the Bye bye, the Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille to parody the 3rd link to Infoman and the frenzied rhythm of France Beaudoin’s show Live from New Years Day marked the television evening of December 31.

Putting a little balm in the hearts of viewers and making them smile again in a particularly gloomy context was not the easiest thing to do on Friday night. The more or less brilliant success of each other was a matter of rhythm. This was surprising in a Bye bye very neat with a sharp tone.

“The federal election called hastily by Justin Trudeau at the cost of $ 600 million was so useless that it was not even entitled to a sketch in the Bye bye », Says Pierre Brassard dressed as Pierre Bruneau.

The subject was thus liquidated. There was none inescapable and this was one of the secrets of the success of this vintage piloted by Simon Olivier Fecteau and Guillaume Lespérance and, by the way, the great advantage of Bye bye on Infoman, Jean-René Dufort seeming to have partially camped in the offices of Justin Trudeau and François Legault to tie up his show.

To take part

Would you have imagined seeing Marc Bergevin (the real one!) Ordering an unemployed pudding facing Mario Tremblay, while refusing a “Molsonne”, under the eyes of Paul Wilson, another fresh dismissed from CH, in a parody of the Uber Eats ad?

When do you have to go back to find such a rolling light in a first section of Bye bye ? The production had even managed to adapt in extremis the opening sequence to the Omicron wave, which has only been breaking for 3 weeks.

For his first appearance at a Bye bye, Patrick Huard in “Dégât Fitness” took on the role of a gym owner considering that since “the virus is in the air” it was enough to “do exercises on the floor”.

While much has been said on the growing difficulty of finding common cultural references, the good journals of the year 2021 (this Bye bye just like the Death to 2021 Netflix) take a point of view, rather than seeking an increasingly illusory consensus.

The authors of Bye bye thus sensed, anticipated and reflected an exasperation of the “silent majority” which emerged in questions about a possible vaccine obligation during recent ministerial press conferences. Yannick De Martino, in David Goudreault more real than life, disgusted anti-ax demonstrators by “slamming”, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge (formidable Guylaine Tremblay) had his allegiance to Medicago served with irony and Anne Casabonne her “mustard vaccine , invented by mardes ”in a parody of HeyAllo, a personalized celebrity video service.

Common referents were found cheaply. Martin Matte enriched the pandemic chapter with a “Beau malaise” very well on the curfew. The Canadian (“is he going to lose or not to win?”), Who “score to the dancers” took for his rank, as well as Denis Coderre who bumped into a window to earn the comment: “If you play politics be transparent like the wall that Denis has just knocked down ”.

The Coderre segment lasted 45 seconds. That’s the recipe: punch, concise and efficient. No wonder a certain stagnation arose when good intentions took precedence over efficiency. This edition was that of the surprise guests, including RBO – Richard Z, Sirois and Chantal Francke included. But their Mini Putt number, taken from their very first sketch, did not match the rhythm and tone of the other segments, including a parody of Loto-Méno (Véro a Chaud) with Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse as Véronique Cloutier; a vaccination session with François Bellefeuille, exalted veterinarian, and Dany Turcotte resuscitating Dany Verveine among the volunteers of JeContribue; ” The Woking Dead », Featuring François Legault as a modern-day Duplessis in front of« wokes »and, after midnight, in a more schoolboy tone, the sketch on Mr. Non-binary Patate which made us discover, happily blurred for sensitive souls, the vulva-ear and the hat-acorn. Mehdi Bousaidan articulated the musical numbers with Sarahmée in a medley including in particular Peaches by Justin Bieber and The Business of Tiesto.

How can we be surprised, in this context, to see the government’s inclusive advertising mocked? To the question “In Quebec, when you see a group of young blacks in a park”, the authors of Bye bye follow up with “we call the police”! Said policeman uses a megaphone to declaim in front of four of the most peaceful individuals: “Don’t have the right to be black in the park!” This violence is enough. “

Dufort softened?

When Bye Bye thus regains its letters of nobility, hierarchies of means naturally seem to be restored. Without demerit, but without unduly surprising, Infoman, for whom Jean-René Dufort was abundantly nourished by promiscuity with Justin Trudeau and François Legault, now appears as an inventive parent but a little poor.

His moment of bravery was undeniably the variation of Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille adapted to the 3rd link, a treatment clearly superior to that of the Bye bye in RBO’s disappointing cameo.

Infoman got off to a good start with René Simard singing Turn the page and finished spectacularly with a spray of 2021. Among the good intuitions: finding the mittens store of Bernie Sanders, going to see Phillip Danault in Los Angeles, finding the lawyer transformed into a cat in a zoom meeting and giving French lessons to Tyra Banks.

The tackle of the evening is to be put to the credit of François Legault with his “Quebeckers should like me a little less; I am thinking of hiring Denis Coderre. “François Legault also involuntarily made the spirit, in this pre-recorded program by evoking the curfew of 2021 in these terms:” Now that it is finished… “!

But apart from a few pikes we did not find the usual bite of the host. As proof, the bland treatment of the subject of space tourism that the curious will compare with the causticity of the scathing ” Death to 2021 From Netflix. That said, without Jean-René Dufort we would have spent the evening without remembering that democracy suffered a dangerous assault on January 6 south of our borders.

The heart balm

As in 2020, Radio Canada benefited from an exceptional launch pad with Live from New Years Day. Not everyone took advantage of it since a government Amber alert to remind people of the existence of the curfew blew up the television signal of many Videotron Helix subscribers, which the provider called in a tweet: “live a stake with the television service ”.

The survivors, for their part, lived the shortest 90 minutes of the year. France Beaudouin, whose guests were Michel Rivard, Stéphane Rousseau, Anne-Elisabeth Bossé and Dave Morissette, has decidedly the recipe for mixing laughter and tears or to make, casually, a review of the year within a frenzied show. France Beaudouin knows how to tackle domestic violence and the deaths of loved ones without weighing down the atmosphere in a state of grace carried by the values ​​of inclusion and sharing of this heartwarming program.

We saw Marie-Nicole Lemieux iodling, the Dion family singing Aline, the young elected mayors dance together on stage, the characters of the Little life, Marie Eykel from Master key sing for the aerospace engineer Farah Alibay and we shuddered when we heard Paul Piché with Safia Nolin, Patrice Michaud, Martin Deschamps and France Castel in the song The staircase.

Obviously, even if the pace has improved compared to previous years, See you next year remains a strangeness of tempo after such an introduction. Exceptional asset for this show: Véronique Claveau, dazzling in her imitations of Pénélope McQuade, Celine Dion and Christine Beaulieu. We also liked Dominique Paquet in Dominique Ducharme and Michèle Deslauriers in Claire Samson, but the segment on the cancellation (also “ cancel culture ” Where ” woke “) Was very ordinary, Infoman not doing much better which easily gives the palm to the sketch of the Bye bye.

In parodied universes everywhere, we expected in particular Dune, District 31 and Squid Game. We did not see the first, for the second Infoman revived the dead, the idol Poupou (Sébastien Delorme) found in the Bye bye disguised as a crow in a brilliant parody of Masked singers. For Squid Game, which has been discreetly declined in numbers worn by certain protagonists ofInfoman, the Bye bye had the very good idea to associate the universe with that of the purchase of real estate, the new jungle.

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