People take advantage of the New Year’s break to get vaccinated against the coronavirus

Several residents took advantage of the rest of the first day of the year to attend the vaccination centers in the Guatemalan capital.

At the immunization posts run by the Army, people were observed of all ages approach to receive the vaccine against covid-19.

Paola Guzmán told Free Press Y Guatevisión Newscast that took his 12-year-old daughter to vaccinate to the post of the Guard of Honor, in zone 10 of the capital.

He decided to do it because he thought that, for the New Years break, there would be little influx of people.

“We know that vaccination is important because cases increase at any time, “said Guzmán, who said that his daughter was given the Moderna vaccine.

Meanwhile, Hugo Ortiz, 54, went to the Campo de Marte vaccination center, taking advantage of the break.

He explained that he came to put on the booster for the third dose of Pfizer; but nevertheless, He said he noted that Sputnik V, AstraZeneca and Moderna are also available.

“Yes, there are opportunities for people to come and get vaccinated. We decided to come because we rest today and still tomorrow and on Monday we return to our work, “he added.

“We see that there are people who came to get vaccinated and Everything is very orderly and everything is very good, ”he emphasized.

The country faces a new rise in coronavirus infections with uncertainty about the omicron variant in the country.

Experts have warned that one of the most effective ways to stop the pandemic is vaccination.

(Free Press Photo: Carlos Hernández)

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