Health could implement more severe restrictions if covid-19 cases continue to rise in Guatemala

The Epidemiology department of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), prior to the arrival of the New Year, warned the Central Guatemala Health Area about the increase in the positivity of covid-19 cases during the last days of 2021. Given this, they evaluate measures to contain the virus.

Edwin Montúfar, vice minister of primary care, said that the recommendation to the general population is to maintain basic precautions, such as avoiding crowds and continuing to use a mask in public places, in order to avoid more stringent restrictions.

“The trend of positivity has increased in recent days. We have gone from figures of one to two digits and it continues to rise, ”said the official.

Particularly in the department of Guatemala, the Ministry of Health insists on not organizing or attending social and religious gatherings with more than ten people in closed spaces and providing special care for vulnerable people or those over 60 years of age.

It also calls for strengthening vaccination campaigns and timely assistance to health services.

It is also recommended to evaluate restrictive local mobilization measures, according to what the epidemiological analyzes show.

More measures

Regarding the possibility of stronger measures being implemented, Montufar stated that this would depend on how the situation progresses.

“Yes, preventive measures have been considered. Based on the analysis, it will be decided which measures to implement, ”said Montúfar.

According to the board, the number of cases has been on the rise since December 20, which could be attributed to the end of the year celebrations. The percentage of positive tests also rose from 5.6 in early December to 11.33 on December 30.

On December 29, the Minister of Health, Francisco Coma, said that it was feared that the variant of the omicron coronavirus was already in Guatemala, due to the considerable increase in positivity.

“In recent days we have followed up on positive cases and among them we have found travelers from countries where the omicron variant is predominant, which makes us consider that said mutation of the virus may already be present in Guatemala and be one of the causes of the significant growth in positivity, ”said the minister.

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