A mayor dog? Murdoch’s story and the city that elected him to this position

Founded in 1890, the city of Littleton is home to more than 44,000 people. It is described as a strong community through its historic center, with an active trail system and numerous community events.

There are more than 59 parks and open spaces. Two light rail stations offer easy access to downtown Denver or explore the Rocky Mountains in 30 minutes. They recently elected the mayor of the city named Kyle Schlachter, but he is not the only one chosen.

The Denver7 channel page describes that Littleton also held a ballot event for its first honorary dog ​​mayor. It was a contest intended to draw attention to historic preservation within the city.

Each candidate dog posed for photos in front of historic sites in Littleton. Voters responded, casting a total of more than 6,000 votes. In the end, the winner was Murdoch, five years old.

Murdoch with his owner. Every day on his walks he greets the residents of the town. (Free Press Photo: historic_littleton_inc)

Their breed is known as the basset hound, it is part of the hound family with a highly developed sense of smell. Usually in their history they have been considered hunting dogs.

“He’s a people lover,” owner Beverly Pillow said. “And he loves to give big kisses.”

His term of office will be two years, unlike the mayor of the city who has four. Mayor Murdoch is out and about in the community every day (on his daily walk).

One of his favorite tricks is to shake hands with almost all the neighbors who stop to greet him.

Murdoch received 2,495 votes and in second place with 2,194 votes, Netty, the French Bulldog. Netty will serve as Mayor Pro Tem Honorary Dog.

Netty with a second place also has a position in this project that looks for canine figures to promote the tourist sites of the city. (Free Press Photo: historic_littleton_inc)


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