This was the farewell that Los Tigres del Norte did to a loved one

The end of 2021 has arrived with a mixture of emotions and news for the Mexican band from Sinaloa Los Tigres del Norte. At the beginning of December, the group had released the album The meeting, a material with six new and prerecorded songs.

The production is the preamble to a new album that the band will publish in 2022. However, the happiness that the news around The meeting, This was clouded towards the end of the month with a tragic news that Los Tigres del Norte shared on Instagram.

On December 31, they announced the death of a person very close to the Mexicans: Juventino Angulo Lara, brother of drummer Óscar Lara and also a cousin of the rest of the members of the band.

The death of the brother and cousin of the group was shared from Instagram in a photo that has reached more than 11 thousand “likes”. The message that accompanies the image of Lara says:

“Our dear cousin and brother Juventino Angulo Lara went to heaven to continue singing and playing. We sincerely regret his departure and we will always remember him with all our love. “

According to international media such as Infobae, Angulo Lara had been close to the musical life of his brother and cousins, since he had been seen on several tours of Los Tigres del Norte. In some videos, he had been observed singing with his relatives, Hernán and Jorge Hernández.

In the Instagram publication that was shared on December 31, 2021, you can see a compilation of images in which Juventino appears with each of the five members of Los Tigres del Norte.

The comments of the followers point to messages of condolence and among them stands out an emoji with folded hands that was commented on from the profile of the band SuenaTron.

It should be noted that this musical project is an initiative carried out by Hernán and Giovanni Hernández, sons of Hernán Hernández, bassist of the Tigres del Norte.

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