The rise in positive cases of covid-19 continues at the end of the year

The positive cases of covid-19 continue to rise and according to the board of the Ministry of Health that keeps the accounts of the pandemic in Guatemala, 2021 closes with an approximate of 3,700 active cases, the highest number during December.

The last report of the year shared by Health said that on December 30, 6 thousand 46 tests were carried out, of which 797 were positive for covid-19, 13.18%.

Little by little the positivity of the tests has increased and since the beginning of December it was around 1.5 to 5.5 percent, but from the 20th and especially in the week after Christmas an increase began to be noticed.

Although officially the omicron variant of the coronavirus has not yet reached the country, since the results sent to the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health have not been delivered, the authorities fear that it is already in Guatemala and that it may be responsible for this rebound.

Ómicron is a more contagious variant that originated in South Africa and has quickly spread throughout the world. In Europe, several countries have already started to implement restrictive measures to prevent the collapse of health systems.

In Guatemala, the impact of this new strain is of more concern because vaccination is not progressing at the desired rate. Only 4.6 million people have completed their vaccination schedule, about 27% of the total population.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has accumulated 628,359 positive cases of the disease, although it is feared that due to the difficult access to tests the number is much higher. In addition, there are 16,107 deaths.

The authorities have called on Guatemalans not to relax prevention measures, and fear that the population has lost their fear of the coronavirus and that it could spread at a very accelerated rate after family and social gatherings for the celebration. of the new year.

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