The curious and tender video that shows the unusual way in which a puppy crosses the street

With the arrival of Tik Tok, the videos became more and more viral. This is the case of this curious and tender video captured on the street when an apparently very happy puppy waits and gives its owner its paw to be able to cross the street, according to several international media.

In the video you can see the German shepherd dog giving its paw to its owner while crossing the street on two legs. Of course, always very careful that no car appears.

And it is that who would not want a puppy so “polite” when crossing the street. That is why the short video that barely lasts 15 seconds has caused a sensation and tenderness on the internet. The video went viral through different social networks such as Facebook and Tik Tok, accumulating many comments and likes.

Surely the motorists who managed to see the particular scene could not avoid a smile on his face, since it is not something frequent.

This is the video that went viral on social networks


Mommy, give me your hand to cross the street | #viral #parati #dog

♬ original sound – Clarín 📱

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