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Five new songs, barely a dozen good minutes beats based on funk-soul-jazz samples, it’s all good from the first to the last puff. Of course, twelve minutes is not much, but this EP On the cadran is in addition to the four other projects that SeinsSucrer has launched this year. And from one project to another, the musician reveals himself better and better, polishing his texts, abandoning in passing the use ofautotune (which he recently abused, let’s admit) in order to make his original prosody better heard, this somewhat nasal tone of voice, this pronunciation which makes syllables drag out without making itself unintelligible, sometimes reminiscent of C-Drik’s, sometimes that of C-Drik. from Eman. He does everything almost alone, from writing texts stained with English sounds to musical composition and production. On the cadran, like its previous publications (its Dazed & Confus is highly recommended), is captivating; if he maintains this pace, 2022 will be a good year for him.

On the cadran



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