Marimar: The telenovela that Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo remember after 25 years (the use of technology and viral video)

25 years ago it was released Marimar, one of the most remembered and broadcast Mexican telenovelas worldwide, starring Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo.

And it is that despite the passing of the years and that each one has a partner, in the public imagination, they are still one of the most spoiled soap opera couples.

Since the launch of the telenovela, this couple enchanted the public because of the characteristic of the story of the poor young woman who lives by the sea.

This 2021, 25 years after having worked together for the first time, both met again thanks to technology and talked about their worst and best anecdotes.


In the meeting, by means of a live From social networks, the actors recalled that one of the strongest scenes they recorded was in which Marimar picked up with her mouth a necklace that the evil Angelica (starring Chantal Andere) had thrown into the mud.

In this regard, Thalía said that although the production wanted it to be chocolate so that it would not get dirty, she decided that it was real mud so that the scene would be more authentic.

“(Beatriz Sheridan) had prepared the mud, she, who was the producer, had first said ‘let’s put chocolate’. They made the chocolate and put a plastic and I saw it as orange and when I took out the chain, it was like orange, it looked ‘chafa’ (the scene) ”, Thalía recalled.

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The Mexican also said that one of her worst anecdotes was that of the cliff: “Where they put (Marimar) on the top of a cliff because the young Sergio finished her in the hut and she ran out wrapped in a sheet with her Pulgoso ( the dog) and stands on a cliff. That was the worst because I didn’t have a harness, I didn’t have a string, I wasn’t protected, it was the cliff just like that, there wasn’t a mattress below, nothing like that. It was like ‘you play it or you play it’, how daring everyone, how daring the production! He said.

It wasn’t that good

Meanwhile, Eduardo Capetillo (Sergio in the soap opera) and Marimar’s heartthrob, opened up and confessed that he was not as good at soccer as his character Sergio Santibañez. “I was never good at soccer. In fact, I was terrible at school, ”he commented.

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In addition, he said that they hid a piece of cardboard in the collar of the jacket that he used so that the collar was always raised and always give the image of “gallant.”

The actors lived a pleasant moment that they shared with the thousands of followers who were waiting for their reunion.

VIDEO: In this video you can see the reunion of the artists, 25 years after the telenovela went on the air

The necklace in the mud scene was a challenge for the actress. (Photo: YouTube screenshot).

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