Many A Mile, Blue Rodeo

The veteran group was dormant, almost semi-retired. Pandemic, disease. Greg Keelor ​​broke his ears to lengthen his solos too many decades of nights in a row: good for plays, as they say in the courtyard at scrap. Pandemic helping (!), Greg rested hammers and anvils, enough to want songs with Jim Cuddy, his brother from Rodeo. Who wanted that, just as much. The other guys too. Homecoming, then? Yes, separately. They have succeeded from a distance in what has characterized them so much together: cohesion, esprit de corps, organic play. We therefore find them as we like them, these harmonies so curiously matched, this art of the perfect chorus (Never Like This Before, Ride Your Bike), these ghost town atmospheres in the Prairies (When We Were Wild), this indecipherable romanticism à la Cuddy (All in Your Hands). There is nothing in it that is not familiar, but in these uncertain times, this record meets the most pressing need: to strengthen ties.

Many a Mile

★★★ 1/2


Blue Rodeo, Dine Alone Records

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