KEYS, Alicia Keys

In interviews, Alicia Keys spoke of her inspiration failure during the pandemic, a phenomenon that touched many musicians. The problem is that it gets along on KEYS, his eighth studio album – a double album, including the first disc (Originals), directed by the musician, offers an even more sober version of her R & B-pop vision, while the second (Unlocked), largely entrusted to director and composer Mike Will Made It, remixes several of the same compositions, with a few new features. Unfortunately, the concept takes the place of a real musical direction, and if the project is clearly defined, its result seems too disparate. We will be more interested in the more rhythmic versions, on which the talent of the collaborators compensates for the weaker compositions of the musician: we focus on the duet with Swae Lee LALA, we smile when we hear veteran Lil Wayne put his touch on Nat King Cole, while the rhythmic and ingenious Daffodils and Billions give a little tone to this record, which was lacking until now.


★★ 1/2


Alicia Keys, RCA Records

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