El Chavo del 8: know the meaning of the most iconic words of the Mexican series

So great was the impact obtained that he even formed his own language. Chanfle, rabble and sparkle are some of the words that El Chavo and the other characters in the neighborhood used, but however rare they may be heard, they all have a meaning.

He did not invent his own language, but he did use different words throughout the almost 300 episodes to refer to very specific situations, which cannot be defined with any dictionary and only the members of the neighborhood understood, these are some of the popular terms, according to a report published in Infobae.


One of the words that caused the most doubts was stick. This was used when El Chavo was so scared that he was left in a rather funny position, completely rigid, from which he could not “escape” unless they threw water at him.

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The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, RAE, garrotera is the feminine of garrotero, that is, a “person who lends short-term money and high interest”, although it has another meaning to define “each of the stakes that form the adrals of the car”.

However, in the context of the program he refers to the verb engarrotar, “numbness of the limbs”. This meaning is closer to the series, as it describes the action that El Chavo is performing when he is surprised.


Another word that marked the spectators of the show was chaff. He immediately evokes another endearing Chespirito character who has the same name. Of course it is a reference to that unorthodox footballer who played for America, but it has another meaning.

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According to the RAE, it is a “hit or oblique cut produced in something”, but in the neighborhood they use it to show surprise at a good or bad event that has happened inside or outside the property.

Cast of the Mexican comedy program “El Chavo del 8”. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL)


It is, probably, one of the strangest that was heard during the transmissions and that has an explanation. This word was completely invented by Roberto Gómez Bolaños to refer to something that is not specific.

This bombastic expression was born in the chapter entitled “Examination with parents.” In this one, El Chavo makes a drawing for his proof. When asked by Professor Jirafales about what he represented, he baptized it as chiforimpula.


If there are words that begin with “ch”, we must not forget the happiness, almost all the time, both by Quico and by his mother, Mrs. Florinda, to refer to Don Ramón and to different inhabitants of the neighborhood: rabble.

According to the Spanish Academy, it is defined as a “group or multitude of rude or vulgar people”, although it can also be used to speak of a “gossipy and meddlesome person” or refers to a “group of galley slaves who served in the royal galleys. ”.


You cannot put aside another of the words that El Chavo repeats the most when he makes a mistake: sparkle.

In scenes where it can be heard, it is because one of the characters unintentionally said or did something and it caused an unexpected result.

Although the RAE does not have it included in its dictionary, in some queries resolved through social networks, it indicated that it is a “figure in various American dictionaries with different meanings depending on the country.”

In Puerto Rico it means to spray; in Colombia it talks about a person who jumped on someone or something and got it wet or stained; in Honduras it is to draw sparks; while in Mexico it maintains the meaning of the series.

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Chespirito also used colloquial words that only Mexicans understand, for example, a chipote. In Gómez Bolaños’ programs it was used to describe the weapon used by Chapulin Colorado to fight against their enemies, but for the RAE it is synonymous with a bump, that is, a “bulge that is made in the leather of the head as a result of a blow. head”.

The insults could not be left behind, and there is a favorite one that was heard on the show. It is a chichicuilote, with which he angers Don Ramón, as he describes it as a small bird with two tall, thin and long legs, like those of the endearing character.


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