Grealish: “Adapting to City has been more difficult than I expected”

The English international celebrates his first six months as a City player who paid 100 million pounds to the Birmingham entity for his transfer. “I have done well so far but I can give so much more. It has been much more difficult than I thought it was going to be, “Grealish told Sky Sports.

“I am still learning and adjusting. I heard that some players take a year to adapt here. That may be my case. I want to score more goals next year, ”said the midfielder.

Grealish was displaced from Manchester City’s ownership last weekend after footage of him with teammate Phil Foden came to light in a nightclub following the Leeds game. Both players arrived at training the next day in poor condition.

Jack Grealish, however, can regain his place in the eleven on Sunday, on Boxing Day, in the clash against Leicester.

“The level and the demand here is very high on and off the court. It’s amazing and that’s why there has been so much success over the years, ”added the Manchester City player.

The footballer recognizes the pressure of having been transferred for so much money. “Having a £ 100 million price tag means that when you go through a bad time, in a goal drought, the fan wonders if that was worth paying for. I understand it and I accept it and I see it as a privilege that the club wanted to spend so much money on me. I hope to give it back to him with goals and titles, “said Grealish.

“Playing in the Champions League is completely different from the Premier League. I had never played in Europe before and I really wanted to. It’s amazing to hear the Champions anthem, it makes you pinch yourself. It is a trophy that the players here really want to win ”, acknowledged the footballer.

2021 has been a great year for Grealish who was key at Aston Villa in the last year and was summoned by his team to play the final phase of the Eurocup that played the final at Wembley against Italy who finally won the title.

“Playing for England last summer was incredible. But it already happened. If I look back I realize how special it was. It was a shame to lose on penalties; It is one of the worst ways to lose. But if I look back, I think it was the best summer of my life. It was special for the country, the players and our families. It was a shame that we couldn’t get the title but it motivates us more to go all the way in the World Cup next year ”, the player recalled.

“Of course we can win the World Cup. We have a good opportunity and if we maintain the level of play of the last European Championship we can aspire to everything, “he said.

Grealish points out that he came to Manchester City “to try to win trophies. That’s what you look at when your career ends: trophies and medals. Losing to England has made me want to win trophies and with City even more. We are playing brilliant football for now and we are giving ourselves a very good chance to move on and win some trophies. That’s why I came here, ”said the Manchester City player.

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