Comet Leonard parades through the night sky on Christmas Eve

If you see a flash in the sky during Christmas Eve it could be because of the following: Santa’s sleigh for gift delivery or Comet Leonard that is being visible in some parts of the world, where Guatemala is one of those countries.

The comet was only discovered last January by scientist Greg Leonard, who managed to observe a flash at high speed thanks to telescopes, which finally managed to confirm that it was a comet.

The records detail that on December 12, Comet Leonard passed the closest to the planet, about 34 million kilometers, and will be visible, according to projections on January 3.

The comet will pass quite close to the sun, a gravitational effect that, combined with the speed of this star, will expel it out of the Earth’s orbit, it is even quite probable that even sauce from the solar system, that is why scientists assure that it is the last time that beings Humans will be able to observe this “starburst.”

“As much as we have great science about comets, they are still highly unpredictable with respect to their size, shape, chemical composition and behavior,” the scientist Leonard told international media.

At the same time he added that an expert in the field said: “kites are like cats, both have tails and both do what they want.”

In Guatemala, some take advantage of the Christmas Eve break to observe the sky, not in search of fireworks, but with the hope of observing Comet Leonard, and perhaps also Santa Claus.

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