Arjona celebrates with her family the 2 billion views of her video “Fuiste tú”

In 2011, singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona released the melody “Fuiste Tú”, together with Gaby Moreno. Ten years after the video was published, it reached a billion views on YouTube and the Guatemalan celebrated the news with his family, as he revealed on his official Instagram account.

In the official video of the song, which is part of the Independiente album, a waste of Guatemalan culture is appreciated, since in addition to reflecting the talent of the two artists, it is appreciated emblematic and important points of the country such as the colonial streets of Antigua Guatemala , Rio Dulce, Lake Atitlán, Semuc Champey and the ruins of Tikal.

“This is my sister Ingrid, this is Daisy, my love, this is Veronica, my little sister. These are some friends. My nephew Santi, Sebas, Meli, Ericka, Villatoro de León, Luca, my boy who is there ”, begins by saying Arjona in the garden of his house, as can be seen in the video published on social networks this December 24.

Then he asks everyone to accompany him to his study. “We are going to enter this cave that is divine,” says Alejandra, his niece, who is recording the video. Arjona stands in front of her piano, on which she has composed the songs for her latest albums “Blanco” and Negro “.

Then he begins to play the song “Fuiste tú” and, accompanied by his family, he performs part of the song.

“For an independent author and singer this is a true award, because it is the product of the effort of a song that made its way with no other weapons than its melody and its words,” reads the message that accompanies the video on his Instagram account . “My hug to Gaby because her voice made this song better and I am happy to know that a billion people found out how beautiful my Guatemala is from the images in the video. Merry Christmas, I already had my gift ”, he concludes.

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Three hours after it was published, Gaby Moreno commented on the post saying “Congratulations! An honor to have sung with you that incredible song that is now a hymn for many ”.

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