We exist, let us live

I will not go back to studying in front of a screen. If I had the desperate and rather thoughtless strength to drown myself in distance learning, I will not be able to relapse into this nightmare that has been the reality of thousands of young people over the past two years. The isolation, loneliness, withdrawal into oneself and psychological distress experienced during this period constitute a bitter memory.

What was particularly unbearable was this vegetative state in which I was plunged […], the reduction of rich and authentic exchanges. And this, for the benefit of mediocre and artificial exchanges transiting in a digital environment. This state, in my opinion, marks the distinction between existing and living. […] One can exist anywhere in space and time, while living occurs only in the fleetingness of the here and now.

If, from birth, we are subject to the fatality of dying, between birth and death we are subject to the fatality of existing. And this existence has meaning only if it allows life. However, it does not allow it in confinement, distance education and teleworking, when humans are languishing in this vegetative state. So, what is the use of ceasing to live in order to flee from death?

It is therefore this revealing face-to-face quarter which, despite the difficulties, allowed me the essential: to live.

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