Viral video: He graduates as a lawyer and celebrates it at his father’s stall in the market

Alexis, 32, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, told the media that he became the first university professional in his family, that is, his parents and his six siblings.

Castillo graduated as a lawyer and specialist in Constitutional Law and brought his degrees to his father, an eyeglass dealer at a market stall, to thank him for all the support.

In the video Alexis Castillo Jímenez, who works for the southwestern town, appears in a cap and gown at his father Germán’s business, to bring him the title awarded by the American University, according to various media in that country.

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“Here in this business it was how I became and my father paid me for my law degree, so I am very proud to take a photo with him and tell him that this title is also his,” said Alexis, 32, and later merge in an embrace with his father, who escaped some tears for such significant recognition.

Several passersby watched the scene in amazement and he indicated that “At the point of glasses” today is the people’s lawyer.

In the trolley where several sunglasses are displayed, there is a sign that says: “Promotion at $ 3,000 and $ 5,000”, and also transparent, red, blue, black and brown glasses. Don Germán’s point of sale is located near a bus stop.

VIDEO: The new lawyer shared the emotional moment on his Twitter account

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