Video: Viral challenge ends badly for young man trying to cross a frozen swimming pool in Texas, USA.

At Christmas viral challenges fill social networks, such as the case of a young woman who attempted a feat that ended in a fall.

The cold season is one of the favorite seasons of many because it heralds Christmas Eve, but especially because it inaugurates the snowy season in various parts of the world.

The ice rinks are often an attraction for Christmas fun.

In Lubbock, Texas, USA, a young man named Jordan Robinette, who could not resist the fun of skating on a pool that had an ice layer and was near his house.

He calculated that the ice that covered the surface was the truly resistant to support his weight, but his illusions fell apart as she did, as he ended up sinking.

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The video became popular in networks and the 21-year-old, motivated by his friends, dared to run across a frozen pool and, although he almost succeeded, before he reached the other side the ice broke, submerging him in the water frost.

VIDEO: The challenge went viral on social networks

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