Transform your image and launch a new product line

With three decades of existence, this brand has been together with its customers to fulfill their dreams, live new adventures and create new memories, the Totto brand started a new challenge, with the change of image, this is not only in the logo, also brings a transformation, which will be at all levels, from the change of look in all the stores, the communication of the brand such as showcases, products, tags, merchandising, and other internal and external processes, all this thanks to the path that it has built of the hand of its consumers, allies, collaborating clients and the community.

“We can say that it is one of the most exciting and expectant moments that the brand has had, since its inception, it grew and evolved … it has taken a great leap into a new era,” said María Helena Portela, TOTTO brand director.

These are the products that the new brands bring

TOTTO Pets, is a new specialized line for pets. From accessories for dogs and cats such as scarves, collars and harnesses; to briefcases, beds and rain capes. The initiative stems from the global trend of consumers who want to pamper household pets.

TOTTO Home, is the new line focused on products to organize spaces at home, they have functional organizers to maintain order at all times.

“We exist to improve and facilitate people’s lives, we want them to enjoy every moment and we are here to accompany them every step of the way, every adventure, every trip and every event.”

These products can be found in stores located in Miraflores, Portales, Pradera Concepción, Naranjo Mall and in their online store Through this launch, TOTTO continues to create modern and practical designs, made with high technology, with new materials and above all, that promote environmental sustainability.

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